Checking Your Bias as a Leader

Andy Jenkins

Introduction These past few weeks we’ve seen the Black Lives Matter movement create incredible energy and action around long-standing issues in American society. During this time, I have been reflecting on my own experiences and conversations, particularly within Credit Karma. One of these I’d like to share with you is a key learning moment during […]

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Identity-Aware Encryption

Danny Zion

As architectures become more complex, hackers become more sophisticated and security becomes more important — and so data protection must evolve to meet the challenge. In the beginning, it may have been enough to encrypt just the disk, database or use application level encryption. But now, if you’re dealing with PII or other sensitive data, […]

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Embedded Web Apps at Credit Karma

Hannaha Lee

The good things on the front end: EWAs Credit Karma’s cornerstone mission is to champion financial progress for all. From an engineering perspective, this means ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.  So when we discovered that some of our members were experiencing delays when viewing web content on native platforms, our front-end and […]

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Fraud protection at scale

Dan Petty & Ron Liu

At Credit Karma, we want our members to make financial progress — and we believe that the security of our members’ personal, financial and tax information is the cornerstone of that mission. This is why we invest heavily in security measures to help protect our members from fraud, abuse and cyber crime.     The systems […]

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Microservices: From REST to Thrift and GraphQL

Volodymyr Ladnik

Microservices architecture is very popular these days, and is coming into increasing use at Credit Karma. While there are many reasons to develop microservices, their use comes with a number of potential pitfalls. This article describes a couple of those drawbacks and what we’re doing about them. Our first microservices presented REST APIs. REST provides […]

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Value-Driven Software Documentation

Jim Haungs

Documentation is a tough sell to software engineers. We want to invent amazing features and write code, and when we finish doing that, we want to do it some more. We don’t want to take the time to sit down and actually describe what we’ve done. But if we don’t, how is anyone else — […]

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Empathic Collaboration

Vertika Srivastava

My product-focused engineering team at Credit Karma works on a wide variety of projects: designing product experiences, building front-end features, spinning up back-end services and  analyzing data. We interact with a diverse set of people to get these things done. At one point, we might be asking for help from a platform engineer, and at […]

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