Shine Garg is Senior Software Engineer at Credit Karma. She is one of the first team members who designed and wrote the notifications platform that sends millions of messages to Credit Karma members in a single day. She also takes a keen interest in mentoring her coworkers. Prior to Credit Karma, Shine worked on mobile technology to keep teenagers safe, and powered image and video search. She has an M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University. When not tech'ing, she practices mindfulness meditation, thinks deeply about sustainability and greater good, and enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and hiking.

Effectively attending a tech conference

Shine Garg

I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks I’ve discovered that will help you get the most out of every conference you go to. I’ll cover selecting the right talks, how to plan your time efficiently, what to do while you’re there and how to make sure you hold on to what you learn.

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