“Hello, World!” (We’re Back)

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of the Credit Karma Engineering Blog. We’re up and running on a new platform, and we’ll be sharing a host of new content from our engineering team.

What to expect

We’ll be taking you on a tour of some of our current projects, and giving you a closer look at what our developers are working on now.

Expect to read about the work we’ve been doing to build out our platform and move to Google Cloud, our contributions to open-source projects, solutions we’ve discovered to some difficult engineering problems, a few behind-the-scenes looks at day-to-day life here, and more.

You might find answers to some of your questions, like:

  • What technologies does Credit Karma use?
  • How is Credit Karma innovating in the engineering field?
  • What impact do engineers have on Credit Karma’s 85 million members?
  • What are the values that drive our work?

We will be updating the blog with new content every month, so we welcome you to start reading and join us on the journey at @CreditKarmaEng.

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