We continuously build and release products that make financial progress possible for 75 million members.

Credit Karma is engineering led.

Engineers make up half the company, and we’re deeply involved in every part of the product-building process.

We value progress over perfection.

If we aren’t shipping, we aren’t learning - and if we break something, that’s OK. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA.

We have influence at scale.

We have the data of more than 75 million members and we’re still growing. We want to tap into all of the ways we can use our resources to help our members live better financial lives.

We invest in each other.

We have a high retention rate, and career growth is the top-cited reason why. We don’t just talk about professional development, we make it happen with in-house classes through Credit Karma University, a mentorship program, training for managers, an emphasis on internal promotions and more.

Our impact goes beyond our role.

If we see a way to make life better we’re encouraged to pursue it, whether that means building a better tool or sharing lessons learned in a meetup.

Build products with good karma

Empathy for our members

Financial products are not one size fits all. By personalizing recommendations and helping members see how they can make financial progress, we’ve earned the trust of 1 in 4 Americans with a credit profile.

Continuous improvement

We asked, what if we could save members time and stress by predicting their approval odds for credit cards? We built Prophecy, a general prediction platform that greatly increased accuracy and reliability.

Going above and beyond to help others

When they learned that about 25% of Americans suffer from errors on their credit reports, our product engineering team wanted to help. They made our direct dispute tool that took members off the hook for over a billion dollars of collections debt!

Success as a team effort

As we move to microservices, our platform integration team set us up for success by creating an automated Continuous Integration Builder that allows teams to be self-sufficient and fast.

Meet the engineers